Otterd4nce in Amsterdam: ‘amsterdance!


Walkthrough with Stichting Otterdam’s Voorzitter and Secretaris/Penningmeester

Akhnaton is at Nieuwezijds Kolk 25 in Amsterdam, only about 500 metres from Amsterdam Centraal.

Sandwiches available at the attached “Broodjes by Bunty” until at least 2200. It’s inner Amsterdam: Lots of other food and other goods & services are available around the clock within a short walk.


We very strongly advise you to take the train to Amsterdam Centraal. Night trains normally run from Rotterdam Centraal through Amsterdam to Utrecht and back again. check the NS website, especially for your journey after the event. International trains are at and Google Flights is a good place to start for cheap(er) fares.

Flixbus is another option that includes international destinations. It’s often cheaper. Search several bus and train lines with Wanderu.

Parking in the immediate area is extremely expensive, typically costing about €55 for the event. If you drive, you can unload passengers/fursuits/equipment very near the venue.

Inner Amsterdam is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, especially for “partying” visitors. It’s generally safe, however you might encounter obnoxious behaviour.


Nearby accommodations are extremely expensive: Hotels typically cost €200-300, and Even a hostel bed is €90.

If you’re willing to take the free, all-night ferry across the river, ClinkNOORD Hostel is a cheap exception, with beds around €50/night. Otherwise, alternatives include sharing a room or staying outside the city (in a place with good night transit).