Otterdance 3 Ticket Sale FAQ

Q: Do you expect to sell out immediately?
A: I don’t know! It’s possible. I would be surprised.

Q: How much are tickets?
A: There are 60 tickets at each of three price levels: €12, €16, and €20. Choose the cheapest ticket available — unless you want to subsidise someone else by buying a pricier one. I expect the cheapest to go first, etc..

Q: What information do I have to provide?
A: For each ticket you need to enter the attendee’s name and email address on the ticketing page. Feel free to use your chosen (everyday) name if your legal name differs. Fake or suspicious entries might cause the ticket to be invalidated.

On the Checkout page, you’ll additionally need to provide the name, email address, and street address of the buyer. Your payment might fail if you use your non-“legal” name, though — there’s nothing we can do about that. (We haven’t tested it.)

Q: Why do I have to enter my street address?
A: It’s apparently a requirement of the payment processor (or storefront software).

Q: Can I get a t-shirt?
A: Yup! only €20. Buy it with (or after) your ticket. Must be picked up at the event.

Q: What are the return & transfer policies?
A: See

Q: What if I have problems with the website?
A: Check out the Known Issues; if you don’t see your solution there, contact @JackNewhorse on Telegram.

Q: Could you walk me through the purchase screens?
A: Here you go.

Otterdance 3 ticket sale process (1st step)
Otterdance 3 ticket sale process (2nd step, filling out attendee information)