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  • Otterdance 3 Ticket Sale FAQ
    Q: Do you expect to sell out immediately?A: I don’t know! It’s possible. I would be surprised. Q: How much are tickets?A: There are 60 tickets at each of three […]
  • Announcing Otterdance 3’s DJs
    And now… the DJs for Otterdance 3! It was nearly impossible to pass anyone over, because every single applicant would do a good job of making us move our paws. […]
  • CLOSED> Call for DJs for Otterdance 3
    [This call ended 3 April 2023. Leaving this post up for historical purposes.] CALL FOR DJs: Otterdance 3 is ramping up! And that means it’s time to look for DJs.  […]
  • Otterdance 2 and looking forward
    Otterdance 2 sold out all 150 tickets and got positive reviews from attendees. Its success makes this a good time look at its future. Where Otterdance Came From In the […]