Announcing Otterdance 3’s DJs

And now… the DJs for Otterdance 3!

It was nearly impossible to pass anyone over, because every single applicant would do a good job of making us move our paws. In the end we favoured a certain flow from DJ to DJ: It was a decision of style, not quality. I sincerely hope that the DJs who weren’t selected will consider applying again!

Without further ado, the list of SEVEN DJs!!!

  • 1900-2030: Gothicat
  • 2030-2130: Menos
  • 2130-2230: Mallard
  • 2230-2330: Saigai
  • 2330-0030: Arkifel
  • 0030-0130: Tigris
  • 0130-0300: Lynn Drumm

More info, including links to each DJ’s work, is at Should be an amazing night!